Our Barge, Odysseus

Sunday, September 30, 2007

On The Way Home

So no pictures in this part, unless you want pics of the inside of a Boeing 767.
We're in the air somewhere over the Atlantic between Amsterdam and Philadelphia, on our way back to Southern California. I originally wrote "back home," but I guess we have two homes now. "Look at me ma. I'm bi-continental!"
It was very strange to walk away from Odysseus in the early morning half-light knowing it would be 8 months before we would see the boat again. The Dutch all thought we were crazy when they saw us working on the boat over the summer. That's their recreation time; winter is for boat maintenance...that and planning gardens. But after we explained we were crazy Americans, they understood completely. They'll be working on their boats and we'll be wishing we were.
Other than the weather, we did have a great time this summer and we think we're pretty well set up for the future. There will always be projects on the "to do" list but it is a boat after all. The Dutch have a saying that translates loosely to "Buy a boat, work to death" and that's the same everywhere.
So we've begun planning for next years adventure, which involves heading south to, hopefully, better weather and better food.

So this will probably be the last post for this year.

I want to thank everybody who emailed or called over the summer. Thanks for your good wishes and encouragement. I hope you enjoyed following our travels and maybe in the years to come you can pay a visit. We'd love that!

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