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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Look Back at Beer

Since we're now out of the land of beer and into the land of wine, it seems only appropriate that we should now make our beer judgements.
We have found the following beers to be worth mentioning. Bear in mind that our personal preference is for more bitter beers and the higher alcohol content of many of the Belgian beers result in a sweeter drink. Also remember: These Are Strong Beers. Nothing under 6% and most are closer to 8% alcohol or higher.
The St. Sixtus Abbey bruin and blonde may be the best but since you can't get them anywhere but at the abbey they really don't count. In Turnhout we drank Corsendonk Agnus which we really like but it's also hard to find out of the region. Another good local brew was the Litre of Palliter in Lier.
Orval and Westmalle Triple are high points of the Trappists. Duvel is widely available and Don's personal favorite for getting cross-eyed. The Brugges Zot was better on tap than in the bottle. For cheap beer (none of it that cheap) we drink the Grimbergen blond.
Now we've crossed into France and you can get a good, perfectly drinkable bottle of French wine for under €2.
And bread! Don't get us started on the bread! Less that a euro for a really good baguette! And a bakery seemimgly on every block!
Vive La France!

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