Our Barge, Odysseus

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heading North, Sept. 2-9

After a brief stop in Stenay we headed further up the Meuse under grey skies with occasional rain. We spent the night tied to the bank at a nice little park above a lock and the next morning headed back to Sedan.
When we last stopped there our second wandering day was washed out and it appeared as if it would be this time too. Luckily the rain stopped, although the skies were still very threatening, and allowed us to visit the huge fortress that looms over the city.

Begun in the 13th century, greatly enlarged in the 15th and modified continuously since, the fort has walls that are about 100 ft. high.

This a view of town
from atop the walls.

There is a very enjoyable walking tour that takes you all through the fort and there Cathy Jo tried to distract some soldiers from their duties.

Unfortunately, the guys were made of plastic and didn't respond well.

The next day is was just a couple of hours to the entrance of the Canal des Adrennes.

The first lock opens on the Canal des Ardennes.

From there is was only about 2 km to Odysseus' winter resting place, Pont a Bar.
The weather was terrible for the first couple of days but after the weekend it cleared and we were able to complete the fall chores we had planned: a little painting and lots of cleanup.
You can see the shadow of the photographer as he
takes this shot across the countryside from the back deck.

Pont a Bar

There's really nothing in Pont a Bar; about 10 families live there and there is a bar but the "bar" in Pont a Bar is actually for the River Bar which is close by, thus the bridge over the Bar - Pont a Bar). The Madame at the bar will take your order for bread so you can pick up your baguette and breakfast bread after the truck arrives at 8 am. The closest real shops are in Sedan, about 8 km, and Charleville, about 15 km away.
On the right is the charter boat base and up on the left, past the flags, is where Odysseus will rest for the winter.
On Friday about noon we said goodbye to Monique and Cedric who will be looking after the boat for the winter, and boarded the bus for Charleville. We'd be catching the train to Reims for a couple of days stay and then on to our last stop for this year, Paris.

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