Our Barge, Odysseus

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Map of the Year

After several days of slaving away over a hot computer I've managed to put together the map of this years adventure. As before, you can click on it for an enlarged version. You should also be able to open it in Google Earth for even more control over the view.

View 2009 Voyage - In France in a larger map
There are two pages in this version, the link to page two is at the bottom.

That will be all the posts for this year. I hope you enjoyed following along. We had a really wonderful time this year and are having a hard time not beginning the planning for next year now but really don't want to spend the next 7 months trying to hurry things along. Life is too short!


Unknown said...


Just had a chance to catch up on your blog. Looks like you had a great summer.

Spain was wonderful. Europe is another planet.


www.LifeEventNet.com said...

If you hadn't shown me the miles and miles of canals in western Europe I would never have believed it. Thanks once again for sharing the experience. -david