Our Barge, Odysseus

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Last Days on Odysseus? Aug 24-29

Maybe our last trip on Odysseus took place on Wednesday as we left the dock for the short trip to the fuel dock, filled up the tank and returned; about an hour in all. We had just a few short days to get the boat cleaned up, ready for winter and ready to be shown to potential new owners.
We intended to leave the boat fully ready for the next owners, "Go to the grocery store, bring your clothes, turn the key and go!" so we wouldn't be taking much more than personal stuff home. But over the years we'd accumulated quite a bit of "extras" that would have to be sorted through and either kept or discarded. France makes a special effort to publish lots of information for tourists and we figured it was our obligation to collect some of it. Didn't seem like we needed to keep a two year old schedule of summer activities in Alsace, though.
We also took the opportunity to do a little visiting. St. Jean de Losne is a central location for many English speaking boaters so we were able to make contact with peopled we'd missed over the last couple of years.

The St. Jean de Losne Gare d'Eau, home of two marinas.
Odysseus is on the left-most very long finger.
To the left is the beginning of the Canal du Bourgogne.

Tuesday the 30th about noon we locked up the boat and dragged our suitcases up the dock. The train from St. Jean to Dijon left at 12:45 and only took about half an hour so there was time for lunch before our 4:50 pm date with the bullet train to Paris.

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Anonymous said...

Very sad for you both. we will be in the "same boat" ourselves next year, as we will have done our five years and intend to sell.

It was lovely meeting you both, and who knows, our paths may cross again someday.

Yvonne Lehman and Don Lello