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Saturday, March 11, 2006

We're in Bali! and Ubud celebrations

So now its time for the Bali pictures.
I know, "What took you so long!" Well we had to whittle a couple hundred pics, every one a masterpiece, down to a mere 160. Here are the results.

After stops is Taipei and Jakarta, and about 20 hours, we finally landed in Bali. A quick taxi ride to our first hotel in Sanur, Flashbacks, a nice small place run by an Australian couple. And it's very inviting pool.

During a walk on the mostly deserted beach a Sanur we saw this example of a typical Balinese fishing boat. Later, we'd purchase a 6" long model of one of these.

After a day in Sanur we traveled to the religious and cultural center of Bali, the village of Ubud. We stayed in this great Balinese-owned hotel called Ketut's Place.Wouldn't
you know we lucked into a week-long religious celebration among the many temples of the village, involving several parades with elaborate temple offerings and human powered floats with representatives of the many Hindu gods moving from temple to temple.

The guy in the lower left is enjoying himself!

Rangda...a bad guy.

We went for a walk on the Campuan Ridge, described by the Lonely Planet guidebook as passing "over the lush river valley of the Sungai Wos, offering views of Gunung Agung (a sacred mountain) and glimpses of small village communities and rice fields."

Off to school.

There are temples all over the island. We passed this one on our walk. The black and white checked cloth is to protect the images from evil influences.

Oh look! Another procession!!!

The lion...a good guy.

Our next walk took us into the Monkey Forest where we saw....monkeys!

After walking through the forest we struck out across rice paddys and through the artist village of Penestanan.

The grain of life. It'll be ready to harvest soon.

No cattle here!

More temples. These are small irrigation temples in a couple of rice paddies. They'll have small offerings every day.

Another procession in Ubud!

Now it's time to head to Candi Dasa and points north!

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