Our Barge, Odysseus

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 12 - The Purchase Process

The purchase of a boat is the same as the purchase of a house: make an offer, have an inspection, negotiate over any repairs that need to be made and then closing. Monday the purchase process was begun, Tuesday we made a trip to Amsterdam to turn in the rental car then traveled by train to nearby Hoofdorp to pick up "the clown car", Wednesday we made a trip to Gouda to check out the cheese and Thursday was the inspection (or in the boating world, survey).
The broker recommended a surveyor, Rutger Versluis, and we met him at the boat about 9 Thursday morning in the rain. He was extremely thorough and the process, including taking the boat out for a trip around the lake to see how it handled, finished up around 4 pm. The cow barn b&b wasn't available Thursday night (we found out Thursday am), but after a frantic search, we were able to find a place not to far away in the town of Linschoten. Saturday we sat down with the broker and the current owner to go over the repairs list, the most important parts of which concerned the engine (it is a motor boat, after all!) and we're now waiting to see how much the repairs will cost and how much of that the current owner will pick up. Hopefully we'll know something for sure by Tuesday and be able to take possession by the end of the week.

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