Our Barge, Odysseus

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Odysseus is a converted dutch cargo barge. Built in the 1920's, the hull was originally riveted steel. In 1989 a major portion of the bottom plating was replaced and it was converted for pleasure use; the house was built and fitted out.

It is 13.8 meters long, about 3.2 meters wide and draws about .8 meters of water. It has a Mercedes OM 636 diesel engine, ironically, the same engine that was in the sailboat that we lived on in the 1980's. The steering is hydraulic and there are two steering positions, one inside and one outside on the back deck. There is a double berth in the forepeak (up in front, for you landlubbers, and that's ours!), and what Cathy Jo and I affectionately refer to as a "Dutch Double" in the aft cabin. (We promise to move the generator out.)

The head (bathroom, fyll) is just down the stairs from the inside steering station. The interior was apparently designed for Dutch people; there's about 6 1/2' headroom, plenty for our taller friends

As you might expect from our past history, some changes will be made to the interior. That "round thing" with the tv in it to Cathy's right will have to go and the galley counter will be changed out, as the stove has to be replaced ... no, not with a Wolfe!

That hatch above Cathy Jo's head opens up to let in light and air but we think some changes to the windows will have to be made before we go to France ... it's much warmer there in the summer than Holland.

One of the major plusses of the boat is all of the outside space.

There's room for a table and some chairs on the back deck for some outside living.
It had a gas and electric fridge so the white wine can always stay chilled no matter what the location, and plenty of storage room for guest duffle bags.

With a weight of about 12 tons and a 40 hp diesel engine, it's not going to be a barn burner but it will move along nicely. Who's in a hurry anyway?


Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks really nice inside. Not what I expected when you first started talking about a "barge", which in my limited nautical vocab would seem more like something you'd haul recycled steel junk on. The wood finishing looks beautiful in the photos. Congrats on finding your new home. -david

Anonymous said...

The photos look good. What work needs doing before you get underway? I assume you have a copy of THE ODYSSEY onboard?
Where do you plan to go during your first voyaging season? Are there good guide books for the rivers/canals of Europe? Please keep us updated with pix and details of the vessel and your voyage.