Our Barge, Odysseus

Monday, June 16, 2008

On the Linge

The Linge, like the Vecht that we traveled last year, is a beautiful, slow moving river that travels through pastoral countryside and small villages.

Aaron waits for birdspotting on the foredeck.

Just a little house on the Linge.

Unlike the Vecht, it doesn't appear to be on the hireboat circuit; the traffic was very light. After the night in Oosterwijk we moved a little way up the river to the larger town of Leerdam and tied up in a small marina. We needed water and groceries so we decided to use that as a base for a bike ride up the rest of the river. The navigable portion of the river stops at the town of Geldermalson so instead of going another 20 km up the river and then turning around to come back, we decided to do it by bike.
Up the next morning, off we went. We had done portions of this ride last year but we decided to go all the way to Buren by bike this year, a total of about 60 km round trip.
It was a beautiful day and all went well until the ride back turned out to be against the wind. And with sore butts at that! Still, the scenery was great.

This little cottage had a beautiful garden.

The roofs of these hay storage buildings crank up to accommodate more hay

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