Our Barge, Odysseus

Sunday, June 29, 2008

On to Turnhout!

We woke to rain pattering (more like thundering) on the rooftoop on Friday morning. Our destination was about 35k away, the town of Turnhout, Belgium. After clearing the last of three locks on the Bocholt/Herentals canal in a downpour, we turned right into the (I love this!) Kanaal van Dessel over Turnhout naar Schoten (the canal from Dessel through Turnhout to Schoten). After the morning rain it turned sunny, but windy. When you're in between two rows of big trees, though, it doesn't matter as much.

By about 2:30 we were tied up along the wall between two lift bridges in the Turnhout city marina. We'll be here until Monday morning. In another example of superior European civilization, the bridges don't operate on Sunday. There's a big free concert in the center of town on Friday night (headlining Milk, Inc. !?!), the big market on Saturday morning and more market madness on Sunday. Somehow I think we'll be kept busy.

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