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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More from Ghent

One of our favorite tourist activities in these towns is to climb a tower. Any town of any size has one and it really allows a great overview of these medieval cities.
In Ghent we climbed the aptly named Belfry, which houses the city's clock and carillon. The view was great!

This is Sint Niklaaskerk.

And this is Sint Baafskathedral on the other side.

On the way down, Cathy got her noggin kloked! (Klok is the Dutch/Flemish work for bell.)

Another of our walks took us down Grafitti Street, a block long alley. It changes from day to day and some of the work is very elaborate.

We spent three days in Ghent but the big street festival, one of the biggest in Europe, is coming up from July 19 to 28. We plan to be here for some of it so we'll be back. Right now it's on to Brugges!

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