Our Barge, Odysseus

Thursday, July 24, 2008

(Use Your Homer Simpson Voice) MMMMMMM, Beer!

We returned to the boat about 2 pm after our bike ride and moved about 8 km to our next tie-up spot, a little village called Fintele. From there we set out on our bikes again, making a beer pilgrimage to Belgium's hop headquarters at Poperinge.

Ok beer lovers. Name that vine!

We also tasted "the best beer in the world." Recently, thousands of beer enthusiasts on ratebeer.com proclaimed the beer produced at the St. Sixtus Abbey in Westvleteren as the worlds best. Since we were so close it seemed unreasonable not to check it out. There are no tours of the abbey itself but there is a cafe nearby that sells the famous brew so we were happy to sample some of the 5.8% blond and 8% brown. We took home some 10.8% for later, not trusting our bike riding skills after that. The percentages refer to alcohol content of course.

We can attest that it just might be the best beer we have ever tasted. However, we will be in Belgium for at least another couple of weeks so we don't want to be too hasty in our judgements.

That night the sun went down over the polder and the next morning we headed for Veurne.

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