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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Fete and the 4 Course Lunch June 19-22

As promised, the village of Ferte sous Jouarre had a full schedule of events for the Fete de Musique in it's own small town way. Friday night featured a "rock and roll" concert at the village theater. We walked across the river to check it out but the looks of the crowd on the steps outside and the flailing and wailing coming from inside convinced us this was not our tribe. We headed on back to the boat. Saturday night featured the "old guys with guitars" local band in the park; also featured was beer and sausages. The band wasn't bad as long as they stuck to their music but when they tried to improv it was painful to behold. Sunday featured a special market in the main town square complete with authentic French chansons and then some jazz along with the usual assortment of vegetables and local goods. We like that the best. The afternoon featured a trumpet and organ concert in the local church; the organ having just been restored.

Friday evening we heard some peculiar sounds coming from just down the river; it sounded like a lions roar. A little walk along the river path led to the winter quarters of a small circus. They must have had time between shows so they were letting the camels, lamas and ponies graze in the field along the river. Luckily they kept the lions in a cage. We didn't see them, only heard 'em.

The village has a really beautiful "halte fluvial," about 100 meters of pontoons with free water and electricity.

The pontoons are behind an island and the river bank is nicely landscaped.

Monday morning it was off to our next stop. We'd been told that just about 20k down the river was a pontoon out in front of a restaurant. The restaurant featured a 4 course lunch, including wine and coffee, for just 11 euros. Sure enough, when we arrived just before lunch the pontoon was waiting just for us. After the lunch we weren't about to go anywhere but back down to the boat. A nice nap and a walk were all that was managed for the rest of the day.

The sign says the pontoon is reserved for pleasure boats and swimming is not allowed.

The view from the dock to lunch, just a short stagger away.

The next morning it was up and off to Meaux.

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joanne fields said...

Life is tough when all you have to do it make it up a little hill to fresh french food. Part of being there, as you know, is the wonderful food (bread & pastries). I'm sitting in ventura right now, green w/ envy. But glad you two are enjoying yourselves. Believe me, it comes through loud and clear in your comments.