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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sillery and the Montagne de Reims June 7-9

About two hours after leaving Reims we were snug in the small marina in the village of Sillery in the shadow of the Montagne de Reims, one of the major champagne areas. We would use this as a base for walks and bike rides around the north side of the Montagne.

the Sillery marina

It's early June so the berries are very small. Someone will be drinking this in about 4 years.

The view over the hillside from the village of Verzenay.

The bike ride up the hill was pretty grueling but after a brief stop at the Etienne LeFevre champagne house for a little taste (and the purchase of a couple of bottles), the ride down the hill was fun!

Since just north of Reims, we have been on the Canal de l' Aisne a la Marne. After Sillery we'll pass through three more locks up, then through a 2 km long tunnel then drop down to the Marne River. That circuit will take us around the Montagne de Reims and to the other capital of the champagne region, Epernay.

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