Our Barge, Odysseus

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It Is Done - Saturday June 19

Saturday morning, Bouba and Guy arrived, this time with some lifting equipment. We weren't going to have to muscle the new engine into the boat.

Bouba goes all "McGiver" on it.

After the motor was on the boat, we headed back to drop off the van in Dole. We made the noon return train and, after the 5 minute walk from the train station, came back to find the engine in place and in the process of being hooked up.

Herr Mercedes in his new home.

There were the usual glitches along the way but Bouba was able to deal with them all and by about 4:30, Odysseus' new "Herr Mercedes" as purring away in the engine room.

Odysseus doing what she hadn't done in a while.

We had a light dinner and collapsed. Tomorrow would be a day of clean up and rest. Monday we would be off!

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