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Saturday, June 05, 2010

May 30-June 7 Waiting

There wasn't much we could do for the rest of the week but wait. But we have bicycles, we're in France and we might as well make the best of it.
One of the drawbacks of St. Symphorien is that it's a pretty good way out of town. It takes about 20 minutes on the bikes to get to the nearest grocery and boulangerie but, luckily, it's right along the river on a very nice, paved path. After a couple of days to do errands we decided we should make a trip to Dole, which was supposed to be our first days objective. It's just 20k up the canal; a little over an hour ride. We had visited the town when we were in France with John and Patti five years ago and vowed we would one day make it there on our boat. Maybe next week. This week we do it on two wheels.

The weather was not at its best, cloudy and a little chilly; light rain was in the forecast, so I didn't take a lot of pictures but we will be here in a week or so and hopefully it will be more sunny.
There is a very busy Nichols hire boat base and the town is overlooked by a spectacular church.

We had a huge French lunch, wandered about the towns twisty streets and headed back for the boat.
On the way back we saw this beautiful wheat field with a bunch of poppies in the middle. If they harvest this all at once do you get pre-made poppy seed rolls?

Friday was a much sunnier, warmer day so we took a ride up along the river to the town of Auxonne. it's just bout 8 k right along the river. This time no paved bike path but a beautiful ride through the countryside.
Another ancient city with a church that was constructed beginning in the 12th century, Auxonne was fortified by Vauban (who did a lot of that kind of thing) in the 17th century.

Part of the old city walls.

It's also famous for hosting Napoleon Bonaparte for a couple of stays in 1788-89 and 1791 while he was an artillery officer. There is a statue, of course.

On Saturday, one of the longer term residents here at Bourgogne Marine, Tim and Ali Julyan left with their barge Linga. They needed a better place to continue with their major rebuild/renovation and a space opened up down river about 15 k that was a little more convenient for all the work they must do. We met them right before we left last year when they fed us dinner as our stores dwindled and then we met up with them again shortly after we arrived back. Tim is a very capable shipwright/fitter/mechanic from Cornwall in England and was full of great information and support during our "troubles." We wish them well.

Ali waves goodbye

Captain Tim keeps a good watch as they enter the lock.

Linga heads down the Saone.

Meanwhile, we wait.

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