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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Down to the Rhine, July 5 - 9

It was really hot during our stay in Montbeliard and the marina was not a particularly cool place, although there is a very large park with lots of shade nearby. One day was spent on engine maintenance, with Herr Benz getting his first oil change and general engine room cleanup, and another with a 8 k bicycle trip to a nearby lake for a cool dip.

One of the most prominent buildings in Montbeliard, Chateau des Ducs de Wurtemburg.
Tim arrived without problems on the early afternoon of the 4th, we had a hamburger barbecue in celebration of Independence Day and Monday morning we were off for the last 11 locks to the top of the Canal Rhone au Rhine.
After an overnight stop in Montreux-Chateau, we began the decent. The first day would see us travel only 26 kilometers but clear 32 locks. We started at about 8:45 am and finished up just before 6 with an hour for lunch. Luckily, here the locks are all manually operated and a lock-keeper accompanies the boat. That allows the traffic to be managed, since boats are going up and down. We saw the most boats in a day that we'd seen since leaving Ranchot, about 6, coming in the other direction.

Wednesday was a shorter day with just 8 k and 6 locks. By just after noon we were tied up in the marina in Mulhouse (pronounced muh looz by the French) where we would spend a day.

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