Our Barge, Odysseus

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Further Up the Doubs, June 25 - July 1

After Besancon, the river enters a deeper, more spectacular valley. There are many small villages on its banks and it is surrounded by greenery; forests and small farms. Limestone cliffs rise up nearly from the riverbank.

Our first night out from Besancon we stopped in the small town of Deluz. They have a nice new marina but, since we didn't need water or to plug in, we just tied up to a small wharf next to the city park. The end of the school year is approaching and there was a "fete" for the nearby school that evening in the park. Beaucoups des enfants!
We also found a great spot on a pontoon right before a lock to tie up for lunch.

Cathy Jo enjoys the shade.

We had developed a small oil leak in one of the new replacement hoses but when we stopped in Baume le Damme, the helpful captain of the local tour boat was able to help us get it replaced with the assistance of the local truck repair shop. Stops in Clerval and l'Isle sur Doubs followed. We then left the Doubs behind to follow the River Alan into Montbeliard. We would be staying a couple of days there. There are great train connections to Paris and that would make it easy for our friend Tim to join us for a few days.

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