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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Promise Kept - Saverne and Alsace

It was still very hot when we left Strasbourg. After about 20 kilometers, looking for some shade, we found a tie up in the Foret de Bromath. Over 90 degrees F and humidity to match wasn't making the cruising much fun. We tied up about 1:30 pm and just laid around, hoping for rain. By evening our prayers were answered, the clouds thickened, the wind got up and rain began to fall. The next day was much cooler, cloudy and intermittent rain. We moved on to the village of Hochfelden, the home of the "Bier du Alsace," Meteor. They brew several hundred gallons of the stuff every day and tours are offered but we know how beer is made and decided to just wander around the village.

Hochfelden from the mooring.

The next morning it was off to Saverne.
Back in 2007, after we had tied up the boat for the winter in Holland, we traveled to Switzerland so Cathy Jo could revisit her old high school. On the way we stopped in the Alsatian town of Saverne, and, because we like it so much, stopped again on our way back to Holland. You can read the old postings here, just a little way down the page. As the Canal Marne au Rhine runs right through the middle of town, we said we would return. Finally, we were here!
We once again hiked up to Haute Barr, the chateau that overlooks Saverne, some of it built during Roman times.

The happy wanderers. We found an old Roman rock to set the camera on.

We tried to rent a car to tour the "Route du Vin" and sample some of that delicious Alsatian wine but, since it's busy vacation time in France, no cars were available. We managed to sample the wine anyway.
Monday, Cathy Jo and I decided to hike an area we hadn't been in before, on the north side of the canal, and Inez wandered through town. The Club du Vosges has set up signed hiking trails all through the surrounding mountains. They are much better marked that when we were here three years ago; we hardly ever get lost.Tuesday morning it was off down the canal.

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