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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ride to Sarrebourg and,Yes, A Sausage Fest, Sunday Aug. 1

The town of Sarrebourg was only about an 8 km bike ride away from the canal and we wanted to see it's claim to fame, the Chagall stained glass window in the Chapelle des Cordeliers. We set off on the bikes while the fishing couple did their work.
The Chapelle is all that remains of a church and abbey that used to dominate the central part of Sarrebourg. During the French Revolution is was taken over by the state and used for a hospital and soldiers barracks. By the time it was turned over to the city it had become so dilapidated that it needed to be torn down; the only part left was the choir of the old church.
In 1974 the city commissioned the artist Marc Chagall to design the nearly 40 ft. high window. Then, over the next 18 months, his work was turned into glass by the master craftsman Charles Marq. It was installed in the end wall of the chapel in 1976. It's a magnificent work of art. Supposedly no pictures are allowed so I didn't take any but I did find this link to the Flikr page of
someone who did.

We left the boat about 10:30 for the bike ride into town. We arrived at the chapel to find that it didn't open until 2 pm. The bonus was that entry is free on the first Sunday of the month, which it was, but we had a couple of hours to kill. Luckily for us, the city was holding it's annual vide grenier, a giant flee market in the middle of town. These happen all over France in just about every small town and village; the city closes down it's center, marks off spaces and then the residents set up tables and displays to sell whatever they want. There's usually a lot of junk but a lot of interesting stuff, too. Since we're on the boat we don't have room for "stuff" but it's fun to stroll around and see what's on offer. There's also always some sort of food being sold by a some local civic association, in this case the local chapter of the French Red Cross. It was sausage and beer for all!
The back story to all this is that when Tim was with us we went to a music performance in Mulhouse telling him he would be able to partake in a sausage fest. When we got there they only had "healthy" food. His partner gave him all sorts of grief about the "sausage fest" but we want to assure you, BJ, that such a thing does exist!

The preparation.

The result.

Monday morning we were off.

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