Our Barge, Odysseus

Friday, September 17, 2010

Up the Saar in Germany - mid August

Our next stop was the town of Saarlouis. In 1680 along the new eastern French frontier with Germany, Louis XIV gave the order to build a fortified town to his old friend Vauban. Thus Saarlouis. Parts of the old fortifications remain; one section of wall that was used as ammunition bunkers has been turned into some really nice restaurants, cafes and art galleries.
We also had our first introduction to the German method of driving shopping carts. There was a huge grocery/department store called Globus just a five minute walk from the pontoon in town. We take advantage of these opportunities to stock up on food and wine because it makes returning to the boat with the plunder a whole lot easier. It was Friday afternoon and people must have been stocking up for the weekend because the place was packed and we learned that Germans drive shopping carts like they drive their cars; very fast and with no mercy. Luckily the carts had no horns to honk or lights to flash; we would have been in deep trouble with our more leisurely pace.

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