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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Liverdun? June 20

It was overcast when we left Nancy but not raining. It wouldn't do that until we were in locks and had to be outside. One we got to the Moselle River, after about an hour, we turned left instead of right as we had last year. We were on new water!
Our next objective was the town of Liverdun, the so-called "Switzerland of Lorraine." We had a chuckle over that.
Perched on a hillside over a sharp bend in the Mossell, the site has been occupied since the Paleolithic era. Archeological digs have yielded bronze implements from Celtic times. The Romans called it Liberdunum, "Fortress on a Rock," and an act of the Merovingian king Dagobert gave the town to the bishopric of Toul in the 12th century, when it became fortified.
Now it's just a picturesque village in France, the home of the "Veritables Madeleines de Liverdun." We had to buy some. Delicious!
Cathy Jo on the streets of Liverdun.
Liverdun from the river.
The tie-up in Liverdun was really beautiful. A little arm leads off the river where a landing has been constructed. There's only room for a couple of boats but there was plenty for us and a hireboat from Lagarde.
The halte below Liverdun.
The next morning it was off for Toul.

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