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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Toul and the Fete de Musique June 21-23

The Solstice is cause for a country-wide celebration of music in France. Almost every town has some sort of program planned. Our first year in France we were in Ferte sur Jouarre and heard chanson, a trumpet-organ concert and old guys playing guitar (sorta badly) in the city park. Last year we had just finished Odysseus engine difficulties and weren't anywhere near music. This year we pulled into Toul just in time to enjoy a real fete!
Toul is one of those smaller medieval cities we refer to as "egg shaped." The old part of town is surrounded by walls, moats or the remains of those and is sort of circular. The city had set up music stages all over town, it wasn't raining and everybody from town was there. We saw beginner guitar players from the music school, a piano teacher and his students, and a DJ who played a remix of "Cotton Eyed Joe." (Cathy couldn't remember the steps although she assured me her relatives would have!) The Holy Rollers were there trying to drum up some support, the "Portland contingent" with their black t shirts emoted their angsty songs and the "progressive rock" band with no hair was playing some 80's American "hair band" music. But we saw the topper as we were leaving town. Inside the Bar Au Soleil d'Or was a group of 60 to 70 year olds dressed in Beatles outfits like those on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album playing Monkees songs. Classic rock, indeed! We chuckled all the way back to the boat.
The weather forecast said rain Wednesday but clearing on Thursday so we decided to stay put for another day in Toul before heading further up the river.


Richard said...

Glad to hear you are underway. What does the rest of the Summer hold for you, where are you headed?

Anonymous said...

We loved Toul - first place we had seen clear water on the canals. We are holed up in Valence on the rhone waiting for the wind to drop!
Yvonne & Don "Syracuse"

Don and Cathy Jo said...

I was just able to post some more as we have internet!
We're now near St. Jean de Losne and will be around this area for the rest of the summer. Stay tuned!

Yvonne and Don:

Great to hear from you!

Hope you enjoyed the south. We'll think of you tomorrow when we visit the book exchange in St. Jean.