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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More from Toul

Toul is another very old city. Since it's in the bed of the Moselle, it's been fortified for a very long time; the last great works put up by our old friend, Vauban. The marina is outside the remaining city gates but there is a good view of the 13th century cathedral across the fields.

We also like this very ornate doorway, kept when they rebuild the building around it.

We had missed what passes for excitement in the Toul marina. We arrived on Tuesday to find the reasonably new building housing the toilets and showers closed and a blue plastic tarp covering the center of it's roof. Apparently Sunday morning about 2 am there was a very loud explosion and the roof was blown off, starting a pretty spectacular fire. A gas leak was the word around the docks. Meanwhile, a portable building was being trucked in a hooked up to provide the boater facilities.
As expected, Wednesday was cloudy a rainy with some huge thunderstorms. At one point around noon, it was so dark we had to turn on the lights. Our decision to wait until Thursday to continue looked pretty good.

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