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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Down We Go, July 1-4

Still lots of locks but now they're down, which is much easier, there's a little more traffic but the weather and the scenery are beautiful. Friday was 17 locks in 11 kilometers and Saturday 10 lock in 11k bringing us to the canal bank at the Auberge du Coney. After leaving the Moselle River near the summit, the canal follows the Coney River down to the Saone. Somewhere in the past, someone, when hearing we would be making this trip, told us we had to stop for a meal at the Auberge du Coney and for that, we thank them.
It's a "renowned beauty spot," according to McNight and there are lots of holiday cabins and tourist facilities about. We found just enough space on the pontoon in front of the restaurant to tie up and went up to make our reservation. We then took a couple of hour bike ride to Bain les Bain. In Roman times it was known for it's hot waters and it was very fashionable in the 19 century. Emphasis on was. Maybe because we were there on Saturday afternoon and everything (I mean everything!) was closed but we were unimpressed. The gardens were beautiful but it looked like the town had seen better, more prosperous days.
The dinner turned out to be Italian; pizza, pasta and Italian wines on the menu, and it was very good (and very inexpensive).

The tie up at the Auberge.

The Auberge du Coney.

Sunday it was off to another beautiful village, Fontenoy le Chateau.

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