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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Charming Charmes, June 27

Hugh McNight provides us with a little background on Charmes. "…in the 14th century it was overcome by plague and famine; in the 15th it was effectively burned to the ground by Charles the Bold and most of the inhabitants killed; similar misfortune occurred in the 17th century; and finally during World Wars I and II. All was bravely rebuilt between 1947 and 1952." We found the village very pleasant with three (!) good boulangeries and a big nearby supermarket.
They also really roll out the welcome mat for the "camping cars." The tie up is a long quay with water and power points and just on the other side of the sidewalk are places for rv's, what the Europeans call camping cars.

Looking down from the bridge over the canal one way,

and the other.

There is a great bike path along this part of the canal; the tow path has been paved, like we've seen in previous years. Sunday morning Cathy Jo did the laundry (always an enjoyable task) and in the afternoon we set off up the canal. About 10 k along the path we came upon the village of Chatel sur Moselle and it's 11th century chateau, which is in the process of being restored. On that Sunday the fortification was open to the public and we were able to wander around on our own, down through little stone doorways into underground chambers and passageways. Unfortunately, we didn't take the camera on the ride so we didn't get pictures but it was quite an experience and pictures from underground never come out anyway.
Monday morning we left Charmes behind and headed up the canal.

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