Our Barge, Odysseus

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Off the River, Into the Canal des Vosges, June 23-26

We left Toul Thursday morning and, after a couple of locks, returned to the Mosell River. This section of the river carries very little commercial traffic so it is possible to moor along the bank, something not easily done when huge commercial barges are thundering past.
We tied to the bank near the village of Maron and a couple of large barges filled with scrap for the steel mills at Neuves-Maisons did go by but there was a bend in the river just ahead so they were traveling pretty slow.
Friday about noon we passed through lock #47 at Messein and entered the Canal des Vosges. Here the locks are much smaller and closer together so what little commercial traffic there is (we saw one peniche while on the canal) is limited to the 39 meter variety.
We spent another peaceful bankside night and Saturday afternoon arrived in the (we think) aptly named village of Charmes.

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