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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Down the Saone - July 31 to Aug 3

After the Canal du Centre two years ago, we entered the Saone and headed north to St. Jean with a stop in Verdun sur le Doubs. This time we would make the trip in the opposite direction, stoping at Verdun again.

This time we were along the quay instead of tied up to a short pontoon, a situation we liked better.
We were tied up a little after 2 pm and made the short walk into town to take care of our principal task this time, eating the local specialty dish, pochouse, a very garlicky and rich freshwater fish stew. We had our fill for dinner and headed out further down the Saone Monday morning.
Chalone sur Saone was our next stop.
An important town in even pre-Roman times, Chalone was the capital of the Kingdom of Burgundy in the 6th century and a leading city when the Ducs of Burgundy ruled in the 15th and 16th centuries. Unfortunately, little is left of these old building but some artifacts in museums. It does boast the very impressive Cathedral of St. Vincent, founded in the 5th century and built mainly in the 12th and 15th century with towers added in the 1800's.

It is also the turn-around point for most of the river cruise ships that travel up and down the Rhone and Saone Rivers. This was one of the two that were tied up when we arrived.

What it also boasts is one of the most expensive marinas we've stayed in while in France, approaching Paris' prices. We didn't think the town compared much with Paris so we just stayed one night.

Our next stop we enjoyed much more, Tournus.

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