Our Barge, Odysseus

Sunday, August 07, 2011

End of an Era? Well Maybe - July 30

We returned to the St. Jean de Losne waterfront on Friday morning and commenced our chores. There's a laundromat right across the street from the mooring so it was a good time to take care of the huge bag that had been growing in the forward locker. There's also one of the few waterfront fuel stations in France so we would fill up before leaving town. And it was time to make a momentous decision we've been pondering all summer.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to take three or four months off in the summer and we have a house in Ventura that is crying out for tasks to be completed. We are going to have to put Odysseus up for sale after this summer's cruise. Our hope is that in a few years when retirement is a little closer we'll be able to return to France and the barging life on a more permanent basis but for now we'll have to take a break.

We had planned to place the boat for sale with Christophe at Bourgogne Marine, where we spent the winter two years ago, but a business dispute ended that plan. Odysseus will be offered for sale at the H2O sale marina in St. Jean de Losne. If it doesn't sell before next spring we will be back, but for now we're planning on making this month our last on Europe's canals for awhile.

After papers were signed and pictures for H2O's website were taken, Sunday morning we were off down the Saone River, retracing a route we took two years ago.

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