Our Barge, Odysseus

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday, July 13, Departure

As we pulled away from the dock on our maiden voyage, Cathy Jo began to fill out our log book. "Today's Friday but what's the date?" she asked.
I blanched as I looked at my watch and said, "Would you believe the 13th?"
It's supposed to be unlucky to start a voyage on Friday, let alone the 13th, and Cathy Jo was nervous to begin with but maybe that doesn't apply in Holland ... we hope!
We pulled away from the dock about 10 am. It was grey and a little windy. No rain, however, and the weather radar didn't show any, so off we went.
As we crossed two lakes, the Westeinder Plassen and the Braassemermeer, it was a little choppy but once we got into the canals it was pleasant.
We just put in a short day, only three hours underway, but it was a good check out for all the systems and everything appeared to work fine. Once we arrived at the days stopping place, what they call a "passanten" in Holland (a place along the canal for transient boats to tie up for free! no services but FREE!) the weather cleared and it turned into a beautiful afternoon ... great for a bike ride. We've also come full circle; we're just down the road from the cow barn b&b we were staying in a couple of weeks ago.
So pictures!

The broker responsible for selling us the boat, Joost Kempers is on the right. His brother Bart runs the other Kempers marina in Leimuiden where we spent all the time over the last couple of weeks busting our butts.

Adios to the Kempers office staff. Aaron in Leimuiden (on the left) and Jerome at Kudelstaart were most helpful. (And I'm sure I misspelled their names.)

The yard dogs at Leimuiden were excellent. Head of the pack is Kurt, with his back to the camera.

This is our first nights mooring near Ter Aar.

And this is what it's supposed to be all about!

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