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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Vecht and the "Parklike Setting"

The dinner party was very successful; six wine bottles anyway; and we had enough dinnerware!
Joost did our laundry (he owns a commercial laundry) and that night we slept on ironed sheets. Yea! just like uptown.
(Side note: Laundry is a huge problem here in Europe. We also found this last year when visiting John and Patti in France. Laundromats are very hard to find and when you do they are really expensive; 5 euros a load for a wash and dry. That's like $7. We do lots of hand wash.)
After a bike ride around the area we headed down the Vecht on a beautiful day. They call the Vecht the Loire of the Netherlands and we'll let the pictures tell the story.

Bridge at Vreeland

Just a Summer Cottage

Now it was on to Utrecht.

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