Our Barge, Odysseus

Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday, July 9 Still Dockbound

Still finishing up a few tasks before we head off in to the wilds of Netherlands. Put some tile around the new stove in the galley:

From this-

To this-

And Cathy put some fresh paint on the deck.

Sunday was beautiful and we got a chance to exercise our new fietsen (Dutch for bicycles) on a 30 km ride. Unfortunately, I didn't take the camera so no pictures. I promise to provide them soon.
Had a huge thunderstorm with lightening, thunder and hail this morning but it cleared off to a beautiful day. Took the rental clown car back to Budget today so we are on foot, bicycle or boat from here on in. Wonder why we called it the clown car? Can you believe a car shorter than Don?

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Unknown said...

HI Folks - I think you fudged a little with the camera angle on the car shot but how many people can you fit in a car that size? I think that would be the real test for a clown car :).