Our Barge, Odysseus

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Paris June 29-July 2

After a couple of locks we left the Marne and entered the Seine at 11 am on Monday morning. We had reached Paris! Just a few kilometers down the river was the entrance to the main Paris marina, Arsenal. After getting a slip from the port captain, we settled in for three days, the Bastille Monument visible out the window.

We enter the Arsenal Marina, the Bastille monument in front of us. Our slip will be just a little further in on the left.

Something unusual for us over the last couple of years - a heat wave! It's been really warm, well into the 80's (or 30's for you celsius fans), a good excuse to put one of Paris' many fountains to good use.

Our friend Tim, who, with his son Michael, joined us for a few days last year, arrived in Paris on the 26th. He rented a small apartment for three days and will be joining us on the 1st for a few days. Meanwhile, we've been doing what all good tourists do in Paris, sightseeing and eating! Tuesday we made a trip to the Luxembourg Gardens, a great thing to do on a hot day, and visited Tim's apartment in the Montparnasse neighborhood. He's got a great view of the city from his 9th floor balcony.

Just ignore the crane, please. My photoshop skills aren't up to fixing it.

We have on more day to stroll about and then it's up the river to Fontainebleau and Burgundy!

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Brandt Cassidy said...

The crane reminds me of another family staple - the airplane wing tip. Stay safe. Brandt