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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Up the Seine, Early July

After departing the Paris Marina it was time to head up the Seine. We had been concerned that going upstream on a big river might be too much for Odysseus lack of horsepower but the current isn't too bad so we're still able to make good time (that means about 6 km an hour, about 4 mph ... faster than a speeding oxcart!)

Once we were out of the Paris suburbs, the scenery turned very green.

And, like just about anywhere, the houses along the the river are pretty nice!

Also since we're on the big river, there's much more commercial traffic, although since the river is big, they don't cause us much trouble.

Along with river traffic comes the big river locks.

(another picture taken by Tim.)

One problem with that commercial traffic is that they create quite a bit of wake; not too much of a problem when you're underway but quite a problem when finding a place to spend the night. We've found that the best places are right at the locks because the barges have to go really slow either entering or leaving and, at some of them anyway, the tieups are very nice.

We spent one night above a lock with several commercial barges. It was the 4th of July and, because the weather was so nice, we celebrated with a swim and a barbecue with our peniche friends.

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